by Sophocles
translated by Marianne McDonald
directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos
October 7, 2015November 8, 2015

With Antigone, The Wilma Theater launches the Wilma Hothouse – an ensemble-based approach to creating theater – through a unique collaboration with Attis Theatre of Athens, Greece. The renowned director Theodoros Terzopoulos (AJAX the madness, co-presented with FringeArts in 2013) will lead eight Philadelphia actors and three Attis actors to create an original adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone. This production merges a physically rigorous methodology with a classical text performed in both English and ancient Greek by an international ensemble. A project initially inspired by a New Yorker essay about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Antigone invites conversation around moral, religious, and political dilemmas regarding the unburied dead.

“Feted the world over, [Terzopoulos] has created a theatre that seems very much his own.” – The Guardian

Running Time: 
90 minutes (no intermission). *THERE WILL NO LATE SEATING



Adaptation: Antigone Throughout History by Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg

“There is not and never has been a pure, universal text of Antigone divorced from contemporary politics.” -Fintan O’Toole

The Body of Dionysus by Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg

“In tragedy we don’t talk about characters, we don’t talk about roles,” Terzopoulos says.

A journey to the landscape of memory by Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg

Born to a left-wing family in northern Greece, he grew up near Mt. Olympus, near where Euripides wrote The Bacchae. “When we played as children, we nearly always found remains of ancient vases and statues in the ground,” Terzopoulos has recalled.  “The whole of Greek mythology was lying around in little bits.”



Ross Beschler • As Teiresias and Chorus
Sarah Gliko • As Ismene and Eurydice
Stathis Grapsas • As Teiresias and Chorus
Justin Jain • As Second Messenger
Jennifer Kidwell • As Antigone
Jered McLenigan • As Guard and Chorus
Antonis Miriagos • As Creon
Paolo Musio • As Leader of Chorus
Brian Ratcliffe • As Haemon
Steven Rishard • As Messenger and Chorus
Ed Swidey • As Narrator

Production Team

Theodoros Terzopoulos • Director
Savvas Stroumpos • Assistant Director & Training Coach
Panayiotis Velianitis • Composer
Patreshettarlini Adams • Resident Stage Manager / AEA